crocodile cartoon drawn by hand

The Good Neighbors

“I m a hippo, my river is so deep,
On its surface I float and sleep!
This muddy water, the kingdom of mine,
I travel with the waves and that is just fine!”

“Even when I hunt, I do it with a smile,
My clothes are green, I’m a crocodile,
Let’s clear up one doubt, one little thing,
The river is mine alone, I am the king!”
“Be polite, do me a favor,
Instead of an enemy, be a good neighbor,
River is deep, that’s space we can share,
I wanna have peace, for that I truly care!”
“Ok hippo, you surely are right,
I’ rather have a good time instead a dangerous fight,
Hard words bring only headaches and troubles,
I’m gone, enjoying the lovely river bubbles!”

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