Lovely Golden Art website is created for entertainment and education of children. It is intended for teachers and tutors with the idea of making their work with children easier and more interesting. Additionally, the content of this website introduces ideas that the parents can offer to their children.

Lovely Golden Art
Lovely Golden Art

Texts and illustrations are created to meet the children’s learning needs, to increase their understanding, and activate dormant knowledge. On this website you will be able to find the texts that you can use for teaching:

Moreover, if you wish to set a children’s play, please feel free to use some of our

  • Skits
  • Plays

The goal of these texts is to enable the children to learn through fun and games. Likewise, all the interested parties will be able to follow our work via social networks:

In addition to that, on my website, you can also find a number of interesting video tutorials that can be useful for the education of children, and their learning.

My name is Sanja Zlatanović, and I am a teacher by vocation. I have graduated from Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade, and I am working as a kindergarten teacher for over 9 years.

Sanja Zlatanovic
Sanja Zlatanovic

I am the author of the book of poems “Bees, princesses, and a few kitty-cats”.

Book of poems ‘Bees, princesses, and one or two kitty cats’
Book of poems ‘Bees, princesses, and one or two kitty cats’

I have been writing the plays and poems for children magazines for years:

  • Magazine “Krcko”
  • Magazine “Bubamara”
  • Magazine “Zeka”

I am the recipient of the award for the best children’s toy of the Good Toy Competition, in Subotica, Serbia.

Sanja Zlatanovic - award for the best children's toy
Sanja Zlatanovic – award for the best children’s toy

I have launched this website in order to share my ideas and experiences with my colleagues around the world.